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c/o One Massachusetts Ave, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001

Office of the President
Adjutant General of Louisiana
6400 St Claude Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70117



General Information/Website

MG Glenn H. Curtis speaks to the media in his home state of Louisiana. (Photo by MSgt Toby Valadie, Louisiana National Guard Public Affairs Officer)

AGAUS Officers

MG Glenn H. Curtis (Louisiana)

Maj Gen H. Michael Edwards (Colorado)
Vice President - Air

MG Robert E. Livingston, Jr. (South Carolina)
Vice President - Army

MG Kenneth “Luke” Reiner (Wyoming)

Ms. Patricia R. O'Connell, CPA, MBA, CDFM
Assistant Treasurer

MG Timothy A. Reisch (South Dakota)


Army National Guard Force Structure and Modernization
Chair - MG Daniel R. Hokanson (Oregon)

Air National Guard Force Structure and Modernization
Chair - Maj Gen Leon S. Rice (Massachusetts)

Homeland Defense & Homeland Security
Chair - Maj Gen Donald P. Dunbar (Wisconsin)

Infrastructure & Facilities
Chair - MG Gregory A. Lusk (North Carolina)

Manpower & Personnel
Chair - MG Errol R. Schwartz (District of Columbia)

Cyber, GIS & Information Technology

Chair - Maj Gen William N. Reddel III (New Hampshire)

Operational Planning
Chair - MG Glenn H. Curtis (Louisiana)

National Defense Policy & Governmental Affairs
Chair - MG Glenn H. Curtis (Louisiana)

Time and Place
Chair - MG Glenn H. Curtis (Louisiana)